Syria - Why am I against refugee intake..

Over the past one year I have had numerous “coffee time” discussions with friends, professors, journalists and wannabe politicos like myself about Syria. My views don’t go down well with them and most oppose what I feel (which I really like – opposition mostly tends to ignite healthy discussion)

 Although these discussions never lead to any conclusion or solve the issue – one can only understand whose points are more valid as the situation unfolds. So I now thought – how about opening this discussion to people who I don’t know – this will really help me expand my views and correct them.


Syria is a problem that was not supposed to be me meddled with to begin. Now they can’t go back to undo that – but taking in refugees is definitely not the way out. Syria needs to be solved in Syria – once and for all. Otherwise it will be another one of those Middle East cases that go on for decades. I am totally against refugee intake – just as I am pro Trump’s wall. Surprised you maybe… but why did you ask…?


History has shown us how refugees have always been treated unfairly, exploited and naturally occupy the bottom most slab of the human pyramid. Because they are pretty much helpless and in constant fear – it makes them an easy target towards all inhuman activity which we in general fight against. Especially the first few generation of refugees go through this hell and the ramifications of which are felt for generations to come. 

You think Germany and other countries have opened doors to Syrians without any ulterior motives? Really…? Don’t you think they are just creating a new work force and cheap labor for their economy?

It is absolutely hard –next to impossible to compete with China in terms of prices. One can’t compete with the unethical labor laws there and low wages. In developed countries – this is not possible. That’s where these refugees fit in. They need jobs, sustenance and are hard working. So it makes them an easy target. Over a period of time these refugees will become a major source of cheap labor in developed countries. They will be severely underpaid, exploited and made to do odd jobs that are “unsuitable” for the privileged “white class”. I may sound rude, politically incorrect but that is exactly what is started to happen. 

The one point agenda of taking in refugees is to create a steady supply of cheap labor that can be over worked – under paid and be kept pressed below the thumb in some cases the fist. The next batch of cleaning ladies, janitors and porters come from refugee camps.

The problem doesn’t stop here. Many of these young Syrians would be forced (by situation and sometimes by peers) to take up illegal activities for extra income – like how African Americans have been to in the USA. This will obviously lead to bad publicity for them but nonetheless – this will happen. However, I am most worried about the refugees being exploited and having to live in constant fear. This exploitation would not be limited to just employment but definitely sexual as well, particularly with the kids.

What happens when the situation in Syria is better and hospitable – when? Nobody knows…but what happens then..? Do these refugees go back or not?

I would really love to know your thoughts and point of views…we all at the end of the day wish best for everyone…don’t we!

I strongly feel Syria is a problem that can only be controlled and solved in Syria. Destabilizing the government and in this case the regime is also not a solution…who would you replace Assad with..? A proxy…? A puppet – controlled by vested interest groups..? Or someone who doesn’t know what the hell is happening and is sooner than later over powered by armed terrorists. 

The ramifications of this “Civil War” are going to be felt for generations to come and across borders. As global citizens we can only hope for the best for all human beings. Sometimes I ask myself - Do vested interests really want to solve this problem…?

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