Love 2.0

What do you do when Love gives you a second chance...? Do you feel scared and run away from it or be brave and grab it with both arms and embrace it in a hug...? 

Here is the story of Tammi and Dori who found love when they least expected it and at a much later stage in life. Their story inspires us to not loose hope and let life handle it.

I met Tammi on a rainy New York was kind of meant to be...we instantly hit it off. I found her extremely charming and cute - her short hairstyle <3 

We have since then spoken, written letters and she has been a really nice friend and support. It is really surprising how you meet people and how stories begin. Back to Tammi and Dori -

  • How did you two meet…?

TAMMI & DORI: We met at a 12 step meeting in 2004

  • When did you know – that this is it…she/he is the one..?

TAMMI: We had gone to some party ( as friends ) and it felt different that day. Like this could be more than a friendship. I found myself more and more attracted to her. She had a way of being that was so attractive and easy. Boy did I need easy! She was also extremely funny, quick, witty and I love all those things. She also had this organic sexiness, not forced, it was really appealing and unmistakably affecting me. So that day, wether I was conscious of it or not, that was the day I knew.

DORI: I first knew, unconsciously the moment I saw her walk into the 12 Step meeting. But consciously was the day we went to a friend's party and I think we roll played being a couple but did not talk about it. I love the way she moves in the world

  • First thing you noticed about the other?

TAMMI: The first thing I noticed about Dori was her spirit, she walked into the room and her energy was infectious. Her presence was light and playful, she exuded joy! We must have known something was up because is was almost a year before we spoke to each other LOL

DORI: I noticed first off she was not totally who she was appeared and I was very interested in knowing the true Tammi!! And WOW what a surprise!! 

  • How has she/he improved you as a person?

TAMMI: Dori is a very kind and caring person, her kindness has made me feel safe so I can fully love her and others in my life. I don't feel guarded anymore and that is a direct result of being in relationship with Dori. She has opened my heart more than ever, which has had a huge affect on my overall happiness. 

DORI: Tammi has taught me how to authentically speak my mind and not fear being punished in any way. I do not hold back or walk on egg shells ever!! She is the most self confident, self aware woman I know, and this gives me so much freedom to deepen my emotions as I am truly able to trust her. (This is a BIG deal)

  • Which song summarizes/defines your relationship?

TAMMI: Innuendo ----- Michael Franks

DORI: Someone Like You ----- Van Morrison

  • One thing your partner does that makes you realizes how much you love her/him? 

TAMMI: She is so damn happy all the time ,  you can't help but be happy with her ! It's the greatest thing ever!

DORI: The one thing Tammi does with consistency is tell me how she feels about me, tells me of her attraction for me, tells me how she appreciates me. This is like oxygen for me.

  • An activity you like to do together?

TAMMI: I love doing everything with her, we are very lucky. 

DORI: Just 1? We share so many common views of life, that we can talk endlessly about our hearts desires, our ideas, passions, everything!!!

  • Message for people – young and old out there…. 

TAMMI: Don't hold back BIG Love. And relationships should not be work, thats a myth!

DORI: Do not be afraid to Love!! Take risk!! Always speak your truth !!


So I hope this really personal answers from Tammi and Dori have opened you up to Love and provide some tips and wisdom to those young new couples. Love is like breath you know - be it for any thing - it makes you want to do and makes you feel alive...don't shy away from it or be intimidated to show love and affection. 


Happy Valentine's Day <3

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