Make In India

“Make In India”

The successful mission of Mangalayaan has forced the world to look at India in a 'Modi'fied light. This could be the cornerstone of the World’s renewed trust in “Made In India” and as citizens of this wonderful country we should collectively work in solidifying this by improving the quality of our products and leaving the “Jugaad” mentality behind.

We are always looking for Walmart or a Zara or a Tesco to come and set up stores here but never have we attempted to create something of a brand that India has to give to the world. A “Made In India” for the World sort of thing. This will not only put us firmly on the map but also more importantly improve all our economic sectors.


In an attempt to create a world-class brand we will technologically and qualitatively improve all sectors naming Agro, Manufacturing and Services. And we can do all of this at a fraction of the cost, something that the Mangalayaan has clearly proved.

We have skilled craftsmen and a young workforce that is desperately looking for work. Then what is holding us behind? Mentality. We should aspire to become creators rather than traders. That’s how we will create brands and value. Don’t we?

Despite having all that is needed to create why aren’t we able to break the escape velocity. Well I think its because we are entrapped in the ‘Jugaad’ mentality and refuse to prioritize quality. We rarely strive for qualitative solutions that would deal with issues at once. Nor do we work towards building skills and making ourselves able.

The ‘Jugaad’ solutions and ‘Ho-Jayega’ attitude has taken a heavy toll on our mindset and doesn’t let us excel. Surprisingly if you notice right from simple daily decisions to our civic planning reflects this carefree ‘Jugaad’ mentality. And I am sure you all are well accustomed to complaining about how Indian cities are. We don’t understand that a ‘Short-Cut’ will always remain a ‘Short-Cut’ it can never be a bound solution. So why not strive to catch the bull by its horns and not go after its tail.

Prime Minister Modi’s latest attempt is like light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we as the citizens of this country collectively work towards building a brand that the World is proud of.

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