Why Should Boys Have All The Fun...?

We list 10 places for girls to go tripping solo or with their girl gang - places with lots of fun, party, shopping, cute boys and those that really safe. Places that are not your usual London or New York.

1. Hawaii - Surf, Sun, Sand - The most pristine beaches and very safe. You might just meet your Baywatch fantasy here.

2. St. Petersburg (Russia) - Contrary to belief, Russia is a very tourist friendly and safe country to visit. Luxury shopping and parties that go on till the Sun comes out. And don't even get me started on the Russian... they are as mysterious as they can be.

3. Croatia - Sail along the Adriatic coast. This country is very budget friendly and knows how to party. Don't forget to bikini wax and carry your hats.

4. Berlin (Germany) - My favorite on the list. Berlin has so much to offer. Very safe for women. Lots of interesting art galleries, shows and amazing places to eat. This is the city for girls who love and I mean LOVE to party. Techno + Ecstasy... :)

5. New Zealand - Adventure and Driving. For the adrenaline junkie and the biker girl in you. Take your leather jacket and bike or drive around the country.

6. Iceland - Getting here would be expensive but totally worth it. For the laid back girl you likes to immerse herself in nature.

7. Bhutan - One rarely ever hears about crime in this country. This exotic Shangri-La lets you experience Asia you have only heard in tales from your grandmother.

8. Ireland - Boys Boys Boys....enough said. The Irish accent will just consume you...this could be your P.S. I Love You moment...

9. Bali (Indonesia) - White sand beaches, delicious food, people from allover the World and very safe again. Rent a hut on the beach and carry lots of sunscreen.

10. South Korea - This should be on your Spring Break list.

Hope you find this list interesting. Now call your girl gang or your travel agent and take a trip...  

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