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It's hard to believe it's been 12 years since the last episode of Friends hit our TV screens. Partly because we'd rather not accept how old that makes us, but also, with old episodes being screened on a constant satellite TV loop until, presumably, eternity (check Comedy Central right now, Friends is almost certainly on), it's tricky to get a handle on its exact location within the space-time continuum.

But if you need proof that our first meeting with the Central Perk loiterers really did take place two decades ago, you only need to observe that the clothes they wore back or their hairstyles in the mid-90s have now completed a full turn on the great ferris wheel of fashion and become trendy again. Yes – as unlikely as it may have seemed until very recently – the comfortable, vanilla, almost anti-style basics of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Monica are very much the bees knees again. Don't believe us? Check out five key style moments from the 10 seasons, and the lessons they teach us today.

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The One Where They Looked Pretty Decent At The Start

It's easy to sneer at Friends' none-more-90s steez. But there were actually some solid garms on display in the early years. Be it Joey's tasty black denim shirt, smartly paired with a classic white tee. And Chandler's super-layered-up vibe, with his drapey shirt, ultra-relaxed sweater vest and baggy beige trousers, is kind of a killer autumnal ensemble and things back in style.

The One Where They Invented Normcore

Normcore, for the uninitiated, is a very 2015-style confection that involves fashionable young things dressing in the manner of people from the mid-90s who don't care much for fashion or gender norms at all. You can check some of our norm core stuff here. Or you can simply stare in admiration at Rachel's trackie bottoms, boyfriend sweatshirts and tank top, and Chandler's capacious chinos, rumpled no-flips-given shirt and super-simple sneaks.


The One With All The Brown 

We are quite stoked about wouldn't understand. Will she get off the plane? Won't she... That was the key question from the final ever episode of Friends. A secondary question was: how is she ever going to find Ross, standing there in his brown apartment, wearing his brown shirt, brown sweater and brown corduroy trousers? Style lesson: don't wear all the brown.

The One With The Crop Tops

The girls on the show well at least Rachel & Monica definitely kept the boys bonkers with their belly buttons and empowered women to wear what they want to. The Crop Top is back in trend and has only gone shorter...not that we are complaining.

The One Where They Got Pretty Denim

For the irresistible ladies man of the group, Joey sure wore some very sensible denim. The girls weren't far behind with their denim high-waisted, tucked-in look or overalls. While on and off they all rocked denim and chambray shirts.


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