8 Things To Do In Moscow

Our first hand quick guide to Moscow. Bypass all tourist traps and explore this beautiful city in the coolest possible way. Moscow has has so much to offer and so little it takes…

1. Sunrise at Red Square. This will really take your breath. You gotta wake up really early or do what I did. Party all night and then walk straight to the Red Square. It's empty and breathtaking and free. 

2. Watch The Ballet. This is really a must do. Now I would recommend watching a story you already know so you can follow what's going on. The dance is phenomenal and you'd leave the theatre wondering how someone this thin have so much physical strength. Brown Boy recommendation - The Sleeping Beauty.

3. Try Vegan Food. This is the biggest food trend in Russia currently and you must sink in your teeth into this one. These hipster restaurants are amazing and one could spend an entire day just eating and chilling. List of restaurants Brown Boy recommends - This Way.

4. The Metro Stations. You can miss everything else on this list but you have to have to do this. You'd wonder if they could build this 80 years ago - how f**king rich Russia is.

The Moscow Metro is like walking into the old world...it is spectacular. You really don't need a guide or a tour operator for this. Don't get intimidated by the language. Its very easy to move around and there are signs everywhere. If my 70 year old grandmother could do it...you can too. For list of stations and Brown Boy's Moscow on a Budget click here.

5. Gorky Park. For once stop being a tourist and become a traveler. Take a picnic and go to the park. Summers in Moscow is splendid. Get off your phone for once and just watch beautiful people, read a book, try your hand at Russian and just chill. Trust me you'd love it. While here visit The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. 

6. Visit Flacon. If you are creative and like to meet and interact with locals and get out of the tourist tracks then definitely go to Flacon. Its a very energetic, creative and hip. Check the events calendar before you plan.

7. Play Dress-Up. Wear really fancy clothes, suit up and then visit a fancy Moscow cafe. You'd love it. People in Moscow are really well dressed and posh. And at places like Cafe Pushkin its a whole new level. It's a little touristy so you could probably go for a leaner cafe like we did but try it and it would be fun.

8. Become a Hipster. Moscow is extremely hipster. In Russia a lot of good stuff is hidden behind walls. So you gotta know your way around to have fun. I have a few hipster friends who really showed me some cool places. Go to Rodnya. This is the place where you'd meet your kind and can party. 

So that's our pick for Moscow. Next stop is St. Petersburg and then a lot more cool stuff on Russia. 


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