To Women Who Broke Barriers

International Women's Day -

Everyday should be a celebration of Women, Men, Children - of Humanity. However in our evolving society there is still a need to dedicate a day to Women. Why? Many reasons but primarily because women all over the World still have to struggle and fight for their equality and equal status and rights in pretty much every single field. 

Today we dedicate this post to Women who have broken barriers and stormed into traditionally Male dominated fields. Women who have challenged the status quo and have paved a path for million others to dream and make it happen.

1. Marie Curie -

She was first woman to received Noble Prize. Her works led the way to a new era for medical knowledge and the treatment of diseases. Marie was the only prominent female scientist in her time. Matching the popularity and respectability that of Albert Einstein. Despite her success, Marie continued to face great opposition from male scientists in and she never received significant financial benefits from her work. Her impact on society has been way more powerful than her discoveries.

2. Angela Merkel -

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reigned as the most powerful woman for the past 10 years. She broke into the all male dominated political canvas in Europe and has been a remarkable force since then. She is the longest-serving elected EU head of state and fought national recession during the global economic crisis.

3. Kalpana Chawla - 

First Indian woman to travel to space. She traveled 10.67 million km. She literally showed that Stars are reachable. Her story has been inspirational to young girls in rural India where gender inequality is at its worst. 

4. Coco Chanel -

One would assumer the fashion industry to be a women's playground. Surprisingly this wasn't the case. She came from nowhere and built an empire of her own. Fashion was a male dominated industry where women were mere spectators and mannequins. Coco changed that. Today Chanel does over 3 billion dollars in sales every year.

The Following One is My Favorite

5. The Women In Your Life - 

To your Grand Mother, Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter, Friend- To every woman you know. Your accomplishments somewhere stem down to their hard-work and perseverance. Their struggles and victories, their stories and dreams their perseverance and immense compassion should inspire us and motivate us to build a society that is equal & just to each and everyone. Only then can we envision a brighter tomorrow for our World.

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