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February 14, 2018

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Love needs to first come for you. It has to be an internal manifestation first. Only when you truly love yourself you will grow from being a seeker of love to a giver. It will empower you.

self love

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While clouds blotted out the view in most other places in India, the century's most spectacular total eclipse of the Sun was witnessed in full glory in holy Benaras. It was a sight to behold. The city was suddenly clothed in a surreal glow of faint light that was eerie, exhilarating and nothing like most had ever seen before.

phases of the eclipse india

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What do you do when Love gives you a second chance...? Do you feel scared and run away from it or be brave and grab it with both arms and embrace it in a hug......Tammi and Dori have broken stereotypes - fought against society and finally won and got married - here is their story.

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I have always written about how wonderful it would be to run into your would be spouse at a cafe or bookstore, just like they do in the movies (are you done with rolling your eyes..?)

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Love is matter who you dedicate it to. As long as its giving and caring...and makes the world a happier place. Does it then matter if it's by a man for a man...? I really feel we need more examples of couples like Freddy and Tim to show the world that LGBT people have a right to love and live and society should help them nurture this. 

In Freddy's word - doesn't matter how or where you meet - what matters is where you take it to...

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The high-school/college romance we all secretly wish for is the beginning of this love story. From friends to dating each other to starting a company together and finally getting married. I envy Sandeep and Sarah - in a good way obviously... :) 

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Love You Zindagi

November 18, 2016


Take it easy. Forget the worries and Love your Zindagi. That seems to be the Mantra of SRK and Alia Bhatt starrer Dear Zindagi. The trailer showed us a lot of casual looks worn by Alia & SRK. It looks fun and effortless. 

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Not Your Tailor

November 15, 2016


What can you buy for a $1.5?

A slice of pizza. A can of Coke. Maybe a subway ride (only in some cities) is that enough for a day…? What if you make just about $15 a day….? What would you do then….would that be enough…?

That is exactly what Syrian refugee children are being paid to work at sweatshops. Yes you read that correctly. $15 a day for working more than 12 hours. And yes CHILDREN.

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The problem doesn’t stop here. Many of these young Syrians would be forced (by situation and sometimes by peers) to take up illegal activities for extra income – like how African Americans have been to in the USA. This will obviously lead to bad publicity for them but nonetheless – this will happen. However, I am most worried about the refugees being exploited and having to live in constant fear. This exploitation would not be limited to just employment but definitely sexual as well, particularly with the kids.

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Pocket tees are classic wardrobe staples and a must have for men. The add a streak of elegance to the casual t-shirt. This trend has specially been quite popular in the past few seasons and is getting more visibility in the coming trends as well. 

We have selected a bunch of pocket t-shirts that vary in price and style and what we think are total must haves. 

1. Aloye at Mr. Porter.

2. Lacoste - Sporty

3. Brown Boy @ Jabong

brown boy pocket tshirt

4. Brown Boy @ Jabong

pocket t-shirt india

Check out these website and take your pick. The above t-shirts range from anywhere between INR 600 (Jabong/Brown Boy) to INR 9000 (Mr.Porter)

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